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Executive Mentor Osama Natto:

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At Osama Natto, we believe in the transformative power of advisory support.

When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing a partnership that goes beyond conventional mentorship. You’re embracing a journey towards unlocking your full potential and achieving unparalleled success in your personal and professional life.

About Us

Why Choose Us:

Personalized Guidance

We understand that your journey is unique, and your goals are distinct. Osama Natto employs signature tools, meticulously designed to provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. Our approach ensures that every interaction is focused on your individual growth.

Strategic Insights

Making pivotal decisions in business, finance, and personal growth can be daunting. We equip you with the strategic insights needed to navigate these decisions successfully. With Osama Natto as your advisor, you gain the confidence to tackle challenges head-on.

Vast Experience and Knowledge Across Industries

Osama Natto’s expertise extends beyond a single industry. With experience in various sectors and deep knowledge across diverse domains, his insights are invaluable. His familiarity with the specifics of different industries means that the sessions can immediately dive into pertinent issues without getting bogged down in detailed explanations, ensuring efficient progress toward each subsequent milestone.

A Trusted Confidant

In an environment where your success often isolates you, we offer a trusted space for you to discuss your personal and professional dilemmas. We’re your confidant, providing emotional support, empowering you to be vulnerable, and offering advice without judgment.

Motivation and Empowerment

It’s not just advice; it’s also the motivation and empowerment you need to transform your life. Even during challenging times when you feel the world is collapsing on you, our goal is to uplift and inspire you to make informed decisions and achieve your full potential.

Explore Your Potential


Founders and Co-founders personally mentored


Executives and Celebrities
personally advised


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Client Testimonial

“Under Osama’s guidance, I made rapid strides.

He didn’t just give me directions; he guided me to envision and unlock my internal potential. With Osama, I ascended from a managerial role to a Vice President in just two years. With the clarity of a torchlight, the precision of a compass, and a well-charted map, I am confident that even loftier positions await me in the future.”

– Nabat, Healthcare Director

In the world of high achievers and influential individuals,

The Pursuit of Success Often Comes at the Cost of Personal Well-Being and Fulfillment.

In this fast-paced journey, many find themselves navigating through the complexities of prosperity, constantly striving for more status, wealth, and excellence.

For Osama Natto, the path to empowering prominent individuals and facilitating their transformation is not just a business; it’s a calling that emerged from a moment of reflection and a commitment to profound change.

Our story begins with a pivotal decision:

A six-month pause that forever transformed our approach.


The Inception.

During Osama’s university days, a consistent influx of individuals sought his counsel on courses, schedules, internships, and job opportunities. Later on, his personal residence became a hub for those seeking guidance in their personal lives. Subsequently, Osama’s office became a rendezvous for discussions on ideas and startups. Recognizing a recurring pattern, Osama began sketching diagrams, crafting models, and designing templates.


The Catalyst.

Faced with the challenges of traditional in-person meetings, flights, and printed visual models, Osama Natto realized that something needed to change. It was during this hiatus, a moment of introspection, that the seeds of a new vision were sown.


The Final Nudge.

Then, an unexpected message arrived on Instagram: A heartfelt note from a mother. It recounted the incredible transformation her daughter, Arwa, had undergone under Osama’s guidance. From a reserved individual, Arwa had emerged as a leader in a top entrepreneurship program.

This message was more than just gratitude; it was a testament to the profound impact our work could have on individuals seeking to amplify their lives.


The Shift.

The realization was clear: the format needed to evolve, but the mission remained unwavering. Osama Natto made a bold decision to put everything that was once presented in the office into a box and ship it out.

It was a symbolic gesture that marked the birth of a new era. Between 2017 and 2018, we successfully transitioned to a model that would empower countless more individuals to reach their potential.


The Path Forward.

Today, we stand as the trusted advisor and mentor to influential people who desire 1:1 support in their quest for more status, success, and a higher quality of life.

Our approach is grounded in a core set of values—Leadership, Prosperity, Purpose, Vision, Wealth, and Resourcefulness—that guide every interaction and decision.

The journey with Osama is an odyssey of
unparalleled clarity in your life’s direction

We Don’t Just Empower;
We Inspire, Ignite, and Guide You Towards a Life That Transcends the Ordinary.

Welcome to a world where vision and determination meet purpose and prosperity.

Welcome to the transformative journey with Osama Natto.

Client Testimonial

“People see my shining life based on my decisions, while in fact those decisions were driven by working with Osama.

Osama is knowledgeable from the level of loading boxes all the way to the board room; from the blue-collar to the black tie. He is amazing at simplifying the most complex topic into a form, a table, a model, a formula, or template. Osama is the hidden diamond I keep – he is always guiding me to the best choices. He is a business mentor, a spiritual guide, and a friend who talks my language. “

– M. n., Founder – Creative and Media Network

About Osama Natto

Osama is a Business Architect, Visual Designer, and Growth Specialist.

He specializes in designing modular, growth-based, sustainable models by transforming complex challenges into structured methodological processes. His accomplishments include:

Osama’s accomplishments include:

Creator of the Visual Experience, a visual physical self-guided toolbox that people use to discover what they want in life, offered in multiple languages and used by people in 40 countries.

Publisher of the “Five Levels of Living Expenses Guide,” available in multiple languages in multiple formats.

Founder of the first business accelerator for university students in the region serving 550 male & female students. The accelerator resulted in 243 founders and co-founders, development of 74 prototypes, 41 incubated projects, 36 research grants, 30 patents filed, and 8 startups funded. Notably, this was the first accelerator in history for the region accepting female students, and graduates from the program went on to get investments from Shark Tank and others are in the process to float their company on Nomu – a parallel equity market. 

Osama Offers a Strong Track Record of
Building Structures and Systems Out of Chaos and Bringing Seemingly-unrelated Elements Together to Achieve a Greater Goal.

While working with thousands of people, Osama discovered a pattern that leads to failure.

After that, he stepped down from managing businesses to work in a lab with a select number of team members to develop tools that redirect the energy of young men and women from failure to success.


Osama Natto Has Knowledge and Experience in the Following Industries:


  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Food Processing
  • Low-cost Airlines
  • Mass Water Transit
  • Building Material
  • Construction
  • Architectural Design
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Due Diligence
  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Insurance

Client Testimonial

“Osama’s familiarity with the specifics of my industry meant that our sessions could immediately dive in.

This not only facilitated effective work but also made the journey thoroughly enjoyable – notably different compared to my past mentors. Osama provided models, formulas, and templates tailored to my needs, and stood out with his actionable, industry-informed assignments.”

– Cham, Media Founder