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Our Transformative Services:
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At Osama Natto, we offer a diverse range of programs designed to empower you on your journey toward personal and professional excellence.

Each program is carefully crafted using our internal signature tools to meet your unique needs and goals, ensuring that you receive the support, guidance, and insights necessary to chart your path to success.

Our programs cater to various preferences and requirements, providing you with flexibility and choice in your pursuit of transformation.


Individual Advising

Unlock your potential with Powerium.

Highly personalized 1:1 mentorship and consultative support.


Group Programs

Thrive together in a collaborative group setting.

Interactive and participative versions of personal advising, available twice a year.


Self-Paced Tools

Pursue excellence at your own pace.

Visual guides and resources designed to guide you through transformative clarity.

Introducing Powerium:

The Element of Superior Achievers

A 12-week highly personalized 1:1 mentorship program meticulously crafted to guide you in discovering how to gain perspective on your reality and leverage your unique circumstances for greater purpose and prosperity.

You’ll work on clarifying your chief aim and underlying purpose, identifying the pillars and enablers that sustain them.

This experience will help you define goals and understand your potential self, building confidence through realizations and practical steps.

Challenges are broken down into manageable segments with visual models, encouraging individuals to tackle them incrementally and fostering a focus-oriented mindset.

Regular sessions and feedback provide accountability, ensuring you’ll take action and track progress.

The journey includes a weekly assessment, and even achieving a portion of weekly goals is celebrated as a significant success.

Upon reaching the journey’s end, participants will receive a comprehensive report showcasing their transformative progress. This detailed document features visual diagrams, summary tables, outcomes mapping, and personalized recommendations, providing a holistic view of the participant’s journey and growth.

Client Testimonial

“I was astonished to discover the profound value I could bring to the market.

With Osama’s guidance, I realized enhancing my contributions could lead to a broader impact and a significant increase in income. His flexibility is commendable; when my goals evolved, he seamlessly adapted the program to cater to my new aspirations.”

– Aladdin, Creative Director

The Two Levels of Powerium Available to You

Individual Advising

Powerium: Level One

Power Move Explorer

Become A Decisive Thinker


Predefined Program
Personalized Mentoring
Fixed Schedule

Powerium: Level Two

Power Move Intensive

Become An Esteemed Pioneer Leader


Adaptive & Personalized Mentoring
Documents Review
Urgent Calls & Ability to Reschedule
Access to Exclusive Resources

Illuminate Your Path
With Powerium

Client Testimonial

“Osama’s methodology was manageable, systematic, and easy to apply.

Osama segmented the issues into manageable challenges to tackle incrementally, instilled a focus-oriented mindset, and employed a model that addressed the hurdles systematically and effectively. One at a time. Their methodology is not only easy to apply but also demystified and practical. Additionally, their approachability and ease of interaction stood out significantly.”

– Rakan, Advisor and Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of support I will receive in the 1:1 experience?

The Powerium Journey offers a highly personalized and intensive 1:1 experience for each participant, recognizing that every individual’s journey is unique. As a mentor, I actively engage with clients, guiding them through the entire process by demonstrating how it’s done, watching them as they apply the learning, and providing ongoing mentorship. Additionally, I personally present visual models, perform exercises using these models alongside them, and ensure they can independently follow the model for their continued success.

What kinds of results can I expect to see?
  • Professional Mastery: Enhance professional skills, such as deal structuring and client attraction.
  • Life Purpose and Motivation: Gain clarity and motivation to pursue your life’s purpose and mission, aligning actions with deeper aspirations.
  • Stability and Focus: Harness focus, their routines, and maintain a consistent approach with external accountability.
  • Authenticity: Bridge the gap between your public persona and authentic self, resolving cognitive dissonance.
  • Project Clarity and Execution: Finalize ongoing projects, prioritize ideas, and execute them with a structured approach to make your aspirations a reality.
  • Direction and Guidance: Clarity in your direction and the practical guidance of a mentor with relevant experience.
  • Career Advancement: Advance within your existing career or embark on new ventures, refining your professional profiles and values.
  • Financial Sustainability: Achieve financial sustainability, organize and streamline investments, and explore options for creating additional income streams.
How much access will I have to Osama and the other facilitators
  • Osama is intimately involved in all aspects of the program. Not only did he design every module and handout, he is also accessible to respond to your communications during specified office hours.
  • Our interactions will include in-person meetings, video calls, phone calls, text messages, emails, and chat apps. This multi-faceted approach ensures that you can communicate and work on your goals to suit your preferences and schedules best.
  • Our qualified team members handle various functions such as memberships, payments, scheduling, and arranging office visits, including transportation, challenge assistance, technical support, and member relations to ensure a smooth experience for all participants.
What is your approach to advising?
The program content is rich and diverse, encompassing pre-recorded videos, video recordings of sessions (both in-person and online), templates, formulas, and models.

You will actively engage in live documents where we collaboratively apply these models to your unique situations, ensuring a practical and hands-on approach to learning and growth. During these live sessions, there is a specific model to follow for the topic at hand, prioritizing hands-on activities over extensive discussions.

The model is collectively filled during the live session, capturing realizations and summarizing key insights. Once you’ve gained the skills to work on the model yourself, Osama will develop a list of action items to implement.

Between sessions, Osama and his assistant will regularly check in with you to assess progress and determine if further guidance related to the model is needed. This proactive support ensures that your learning experience remains personalized and effective.

How long does the program take to complete?

The Powerium program is designed to take 12-weeks, but flexibility allows you to complete it within 16 weeks to maintain momentum.

How will I know if I got the results I was searching for?

At the midway point through the Powerium experience, a progress review helps measure your achievements and assess if any program adjustments are necessary.

At the end of the journey, your achievements are celebrated with a comprehensive report that details progress, objectives met, transformations experienced, and recommendations for future growth. Visual diagrams illustrate the progress made in various aspects, providing a clear and motivating reflection on the journey’s success.

How long does it take for results to appear in my personal life?

The timeline for experiencing results in your personal life can vary based on your unique journey and the level of dedication you invest. While some participants start seeing results as early as four weeks into the program, the majority witness significant changes in their lives around two months after successfully completing the experience.

It’s important to note that consistent application of the practices and continued engagement beyond the program’s duration are crucial for lasting results. In cases where participants choose not to follow through with the recommended action items, the impact on results may be limited or absent. Your commitment and active participation will greatly influence the speed and magnitude of the transformation you can achieve in your personal life.

How do I know if your are the right mentor for me?

You’re invited to schedule a call with Osama to discuss your goals and ensure you’re making the right investment toward sustainable success.

By choosing to work with us, you’ll experience a sense of fulfillment and contentment in your life. We encourage our clients to dream big and pursue their goals, empowering them to live the life they have always envisioned.

When will I be able to start this experience?

Once you have completed your registration and payment, you will gain immediate access. You can start right away by engaging with the preparation and onboarding requirements to set yourself up for success.

How long will the content be available for me to access?
  • The materials, including the pre-recorded videos, templates, and resources, will remain accessible to you even after you have completed the program.
  • We understand that life can get busy, and we want to ensure you have the flexibility to revisit the content and continue your growth journey at your own convenience. You can rest assured knowing that the resources will be accessible to support your ongoing development beyond the initial Sprint period.
  • Please note that while the program content will be available for an extended duration, it is recommended to stay engaged and actively participate during the designated live sessions to make the most of the program’s structure, support, and interactions.
Can my spouse or someone else participate in the program with me?

Each program is intended for individual use to ensure that every participant reaps the full benefits of the program.

The process of building and advancing personal and professional goals is a deeply personal one. Sharing this journey, particularly with a spouse, close friends, or family members may not be ideal while you’re still exploring or designing your path. However, your spouse, friend, or family member may join the program individually as well.

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“The “Layers of Reality” model was an enlightening surprise, becoming an embedded analytical tool that I could swiftly utilize to evaluate situations and understand those around me with astonishing consistency.”

– Molham, Entertainer

Other Quests Available to You

Our Small-Group
& Self-Study Programs

In our expansive suite of offerings, two standout group programs—Superstar Sprint and Financial Identity Journey—embody our commitment to guiding you through unique odysseys of personal and professional development.

Each program is meticulously designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and community support essential for your journey toward excellence. Join us and embrace the transformative power of these distinctive group programs.

01. Superstar Sprint

6-week small-group interactive program for senior managers and directors who need guidance in working through challenges of career growth so that they can make power moves to advance to the C-Suite with confidence.

Superstar Sprint: Get Started Here

02. Financial Identity Journey

10-week hybrid self-study program supported by group coaching sessions catered to adventurous individuals seeking mindful financial management so that they can confidently navigate financial challenges, create sustainable habits, and unlock new opportunities that lead to fulfillment.

Financial Identity Journey: Get Started Here

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Client Testimonial

“You motivate people. Honestly, this merit to God, my first and last intention is to invest in myself, and the best investment was the one that I invested with you. I had the tendency to change, but the tools were not present, and you gave us the tools.”

– Nizar, Creator (9 Steps to Success)